180 degree phase flip without the on-board option.

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    I got a nice set of sennheiser drum clip mic.s and it includes a mic. for the bottom of the snare. What measurements of distance should I start with on the overhead and the bottom snare mic? And how can I or do I need to do a 180 flip of the phase to make it fit, the signals i mean (does that sentence make sense?). I dont have the option on my board for the flip and im new to phase problem troubleshooting and the ways of avoiding phase issues.

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    For two mics on the snare you should ALWAYS have this option. build a short adapter cable with the pins reversed. Use it when you need a flipped phase mic.

    As an aside, though it can be standard practice to use an under the snare mic, I would bet money that after a while you'll find you wont ever use it in the mix.

    I always start out with at least ten mics on a kit and if the tuning is correct and the placement is well thought out I'll wind up using the kick, the snare and the two overheads as my kit setup to mix in with a room mic.

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