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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by papapill, Aug 30, 2005.

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    I do alot of recording and I use thes borads to research my gear and game plans often. Alomst daily. So before I ask this stupid question I would like to thank everyone for all the good advice and and usefull info. I am 3 years into recording and have been learning hands on from my friends and here and books. I can honestly say that I do this because I love it. I like to be creative with my gear and try lots of off the wall things to see what happens. 98% of the time the simplest approach is the best.
    This brings me to my question.
    I have a few Hiwatt amplifiers. has anyone ever experimented with using these as preamps? They are in sanely clean and built with parts from old A bombs=)LOL
    I was thinking how you can jump out of a four input back into the board and never use the power section. Pure mic pre.
    OR GET SILLY and run that kick thru the hiwatt bass head and 2 15 cab. Go out of the pre and mic the 15?
    I know I know crazy???!!! Stupid??!!!! but sometimes thats the ticket.
    ok I like to start from the left field. Hopefully I wont get brow beaten here, I have seen some posts.............I guess I could change my username and come back.
    P E A C E O U T
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    Crazier ideas have worked in the past. I have never tried anything like you have mentioned - HOWEVER - I do remember reading about a producer (can't remember which one) who miked the kick and also ran the Kik through a PA system and miked the PA system as well. This is not exactly what you have mentioned but pretty close.

    The bottom line in recording is to do whatever it takes to acheive the sound that you are looking for. If everyone used the same methods imagine how boring that would be. I applaud your attempt at creativity and if someone has an issue with your approach in this forum - WHO THE HELL CARES! - Give it a try , I would be more interested to hear about your results (failed or successful) rather than some narrow minded response about why it will never work.

    Go for it, good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Experimentation is the key to knowledge.
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    Dec 3, 2003
    Whittier, California, USA
    hey papapill, noy that you've stoped lurking keep on participating- welcome to RO!
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    ahoy, papapill and welcome to RO.

    here is a little story to encourage you to experiment and to stay open in your ideas / actions

    it's not the same situation as yours but the principal is the same,

    i was working on an electronic arts music festival here in bratislava a few month ago, there was a french artist (krikor) who had a simple setup, a laptop (running ableton) a firewire soundcard and on the way to the PA he hooked up 3 guitar effect pedals, and in several occasions he used the interfearence of his MOBIL PHONE to create effects with the guitar pedals, he was swinging his phone about 2-3 cm above the pedals while working the pedals via hand at the same time and creating stunning sounds (it just fitted to the music and sounds he used - top notch!) usually you try to keep any type of interfearence in the for example a studio enviroment as far away as possible... and everyone you would ask, goes... phones switch 'em off / leave 'em at home, what a nightmare... interfearence, he made great use of it, and it served the purpose, so keep on experimenting, that's the key to new frontiers....

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    im inbetween rooms right now. I cant wait to put up all my gear in one place that I can stay up late at and turn up till 4am! Officially not my "home studio" in 1 week.
    I appreciate all the encouragement.
    now time to frag some terrorists on counterstrike =)
    ill list my gear here next post.....
    "nuthn fancy here but my mind and ears"

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