2" -> Digital - can you do it?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by zemlin, Jan 17, 2007.

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    I was contacted by a potential client today. She is working to re-release some old material on CD - possibly some special edition recordings. The talk today was about working from good vinyls, but she also has some 2" tapes that she might have some material of value on them.

    I don't have tape facilities - if you do and would be interested in doing a straight transfer - probably delivering tracks untouched on DVD or a hard disk - let me know what info you'd need to quote/estimate the job.

    I'm in Indianapolis - the closer you are the better.
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    Karl; I'd suggest you get in touch with Steve at Sonicraft.com. He's got every format out there, and he does a spectacular job of transferring from analog to digital. He's not all THAT expensive, but he's very thorough, lots of TLC and worth every penny, I assure you.

    I'm always tempted to try some of these odd jobs myself, but by the time I got a machine, aligned it, baked the tapes, struggled with the transfers (and the azimuth, and the EQ, and the dropouts, etc. etc.) I'd have spent more than just paying someone who specializes in it.

    Sonicraft is in Freehold, NJ (next door to Asbury Park - home of Bruuuuuce), but everyone's as close as the FEDEX truck these days. :cool:

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