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Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by photoresistor, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. hello all,

    i have an aardvark q10 and i really like it but i would like to capitalize on its ability to have two more inputs through s/pdif.... and so im looking for preamps that have s/pdif output.

    it would be nice if the preamps would be a little step up from the pres in the aardvark or at least might provide a different 'flavor' or 'color' than the aardvark's.

    the only unit ive seen is the m-audio duo. can anyone recommend some good units or units specifically that might be a step up from the aardvark? im not too concerned about the price at the moment... just want to see some options here.

  2. Johnjm22

    Johnjm22 Guest

    The apogee Trak2 has 2 pre's and has a spdif output. I'm sure the converters sound good too. Much better than anything from aardvark.
  3. alright, thanks for the input... its nice to know there is gear out there that costs more than all ive invested so far in my "studio" lol.

    anyone else have some more recommendations? i think the apogee unit takes care of my high range options.... i dont need a cool lcd screen or anything--just the bare minimum.... phantom power... -10 pads would be nice...

    thanks again
  4. p0llen_p0ny

    p0llen_p0ny Guest

    This is what I did when I was recording gigs with my Roland VS-880EX.

    Bought a cheap Behringer mixer with two XLR ins with phantom power and ran the line outs to an M-Audio Flying Calf A/D converter. Then from the Flying Calf's S/PDIF out into my VS-880EX. Recording snobs will tell you this is no good but I was happy with the results, and it cost be somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 - $250.

    I still use that rig for recording smaller ensembles. However, if you have money to burn go for the Apogee.
  5. thanks for the tip... i think id rather go with a standalone unit though, but its nice to hear some different ideas.

    oh and i wish i had money to burn like that on the apogee but thats way out of my league at the moment.

    thanks guys...

    anymore suggestions? anything around... say... $400-600?
  6. p0llen_p0ny

    p0llen_p0ny Guest

    The dbx 386 goes for about $500. You can find the specs here:

  7. Boltino

    Boltino Guest

    Hello from a fellow Q10 user! I actually just dealt with the same issue you brought up. You might want to consider the Focusrite TwinTrak Pro. It's a 2 channel pre, comp, and eq with an optional digital card. The preamps are a good step up from the aardvark. It's a great way to add two higher quality channels (for me most of the time I'm only doing two channels at a time anyway). The total might be a little out of your price range (TwinTrak - $525 digital card - $225) but I think in order to step up from the aardvark pres this is the lowest price option you should go with IMHO.

  8. its great to hear from another q10 user and thats exactly what i was looking for. im happy with the q10 and i use ALL its inputs when i record drums and such but it would be nice to have a couple more for live recordings as well as to just have a pair of nicer pre's for vox / overhead mics on the drums / etc.

  9. McPhaul

    McPhaul Guest

    I also use a Q10 and have been happy with it. I use an M-Audio Tampa (I like it) or a Behringer Bass V-Amp (it's OK) in the s/pdif inputs. I also added a 24/96 to get 4 more inputs only to realize that I needed quality more than quantity. I keep the 24/96 installed only for full on live stuff but have started an OSA Lunchbox to get better quality pres, eqs, etc.

    Good to hear about other happy Q10 users. Good Luck

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