2 NTKs into a UA 2-610...too much tube?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by booinec, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. booinec

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    I'm at the decision point for either picking up a pair of decent small or medium diaphram condensers (probably Gefell M 300) and a preamp like the UA 2-610....or
    A second NTK large diaphram mic and a good solid state preamp (suggestions?).
    Or,...Is it conceivable that I can get a good sound out of the NTKs into the 2-610? I've heard cautions about going tube into tube.
    This would mostly be for acoustic guitar, violin, and vocals, (keys, bass, and drums go in directly)
    I'd appreciate recommendations as I want to place my order by the end of the week.

  2. TeddyG

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    Jan 20, 2005

    While the mere fact that the chain is "all tube" or all solid state or some combination does not have to be a problem, any combination can be "wrong" if it's the wrong tube(s) or the wrong transistor(s), or if what is used is incorrectly used or incorrectly chosen for the task.

    I like diversity - an ability to pick from a variety of equipment depending on what I'm listening for, and so might expand my collection in a variety of ways as opportunity presented....

    On the other hand, if I mainly recorded the same things, the same way and what I had was working for me, I might prefer to back-up the stuff I have, as budget allows, by adding more proven/favorite pieces to my collection...

    The only one who can decide if there is "too much tube" is the recordist... Some of the world's finest recordings were made when there was only tube equipment. Then again, one of the best recordings I have ever heard was a Johnny Mathis/Columbia 45rpm record! Maybe "Chances Are"? Whatever the song, certainly it was recorded/pressed no later than the very early 60's and was still stunning to hear in the 80's... At the time, the "super" studios(Like Columbia) probably were working with some of the "new" transistorized stuff, along with their, by then, "ultimate" tube gear. Who knows what "the chain" involved? Certainly, fabulous recordings have since been made with not a tube in sight as well as with a combination...

    Only thing "bad" about tubes today, perse, is the quality of the tubes themselves, which is "iffy" at best, whether new, used or NOS. Still, if it sounds good - it is...

    Personally, I would ultimately like to have a variety of solid state and tube gear - as well as digital and analog recording equipment, new and old(But, that is another story.)...

  3. overlookfran

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    it will always come down to what sounds best. i often myself get caught up in trying to "follow a procedure" when it comes to gear, and so forth. I forsake my own ears with empirical B.S., thinking that if i believe hard enough that a particualr piece of gear will sound better than another piece of gear, or, this chain A rules over chain B for some reason...it might actually happen...

    then, <sigh>, i take a deep breath, and remember to trust my own ears, for whatever they are worth anymore, and try out as much combinations of signal paths as you can until it sounds the best to you.

    sounding good to everyone else? well...that's the tail we all keep chasing i guess...
  4. maintiger

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    Dec 3, 2003
    Whittier, California, USA
    Re: yes

    The eternal quest for 'the sound' - that's the story of my life... :D
  5. booinec

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    Thanks for the reply. A problem I have is that there are no studios anywhere near me to hear and sample for the sound I'm hoping to get. Actually, there is a guy with a Focusrite platinum piece about 30 miles away, but everything else is an afternoon's drive at best. My purchases will be based on other peoples experiences. That's the help I need. I know it is not the best method, but even generalities are assistive.
    Thanks again.
  6. Lerxst

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    I just had to chime in... what these folks say is true. I just recently got my first tube pre, and I know I will use it all the time, but I like having the option to use my SS pre's for a different sound - if that is what the song calls for.

    I will also say that the tube pre/comp I got was an LA-610 and I've been testing vocals and acoustic guitar using a K2 for the mic.

    For vocals and acoustic I'm now getting the sound I've been looking for - it's all tube and it sounds great.

    So will I use that chain for everything? No, It just depends on the song - the instruments etc .

    Just like crayons - they all have excelent colors (except for "raw umber"), but would I use the same one for every picture?

    I don't think you can go wrong with the equipment you're looking at.

    Good luck!

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