2 Sound Cards.. I Got Problems. Help

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by jdilla, Apr 20, 2005.

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  1. jdilla

    jdilla Guest

    i installed the audiophile 2496 to my pc, and it works great with my two 5' samson rubicon monitors. But, after i installed the audiophile soundcard, for some reason, when i plug my headphones to my pc, wich is (my Stock Audio Card) i dont hear nothing... i cant even choose my stock (old) soundcard's drivers on Reason's Audio Preferences Drivers.. i only see the audiophile drivers. the only way that audio comes out is thru my samson monitors, everything else that is plugged in to the stock audio card doesnt sound. What can i be doing wrong. Reason Doesnt Give me the old sound card drivers. before it worked, and now that installed audiophile its like my old soundcard has been overwritten or something by this new audiocard. theres no way that i can connect my headphones directly to the audiophile card, ive tried, the only way that i see myself connecting my headphones is thru the front panels plugs. i own a compaq sr1124nx

    this is whats listed under audio devices on the device manager tab:
    1.Audio Codecs
    2.Legacy Audio Drivers
    3.Legacy Video Capture Devices
    4.M-audio Delta Audiophile
    5.Media Control Devices
    6.USB midi 1x1
    7.Video Codecs

    Nothing is followed by a Question Mark.
  2. itchy

    itchy Guest

    I have a two soundcard system as well, and your default system soundcard can be set in the control panel.

    I'm assuming you have windows xp. this will be the same on all windows platform.

    Go to Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Sounds and Audio Devices

    Go to the Audio tab, and select your default recording and playback card.

    In my setup, I have a lynx L22 and soundblaster live 5.1. In the control panel, I always leave the soundblaster as my default, and then in my software recording program (cubase), I set the lynx as the default recording device.

    Hope this helps you!

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