$200 - $300 Condenser Mic and PreAmp to buy

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by reza_gan, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. reza_gan

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    I was an amateur who want to make a solo classical guitar recording. I'm using Shure SM57 and Presonus TubePre, but many advices I've heard that it was not a good mic to do this job.
    I'm considering between Shure SM81, AT 5100, AT 3031, AT 3035 or KSM32 (But still possible for another brand and models....in this price range of course). I don't think I can buy any Neumann's for $200 - $300.
    Those are very different type since some of them are SD and the other are LD mics.
    I don't know about the RØDEs because I've tried them already (NT1000, NT2 and NT3) and it sounds "thin and crispy" :roll: .....I don't know how to describe it. But haven't try for the other models.

    I'm still confused about choosing the most suitable for me, is it the SD or the LD.

    For the PreAmp, I don't have any "list to consider" but I'll spend about $300 for this. What I need is just a one or two channel, a clean high gain and very silent or low self-noise because the Presonus TubePre I have is very noisy and low gain.

    Is any suggestions ?
  2. tripnek

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    Jun 9, 2003
    For classical guitar I would use an LD condenser. In the $200-300 price range the only mic I would recomend is a used AT4033 or even better the AT4050 if you can find it under $300. I really can't think of any mic pre in that price range that would do any better than the presonus. Maybe the Studio projects preamp. I would at least try to bump up the price range to include the RNP made by FMR ($475), although I would suggest you try to spend a bit more on the preamp. Around $1000-1700 you can get a nice two channel from Sebatron, Langevin, Vintech, Chandler, Focusrite Red, John Hardy, ect.... A good quality compressor would also help.

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