£2000 to spend on home studio - your advice needed!

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by jvp, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. jvp

    jvp Guest

    Hi all – I would like to get some opinions and advice on my plan as per below, I can spend up to £2000

    Current equipment:
    Acoustic / Electric guitars / bass with amps
    Condenser microphone, stand, pop screen etc
    Fostex MR8mk2 (digital multitraker - to sell)
    Decent headphones
    Some vocal prowess (!)

    Needed equipment:
    Upgrading to computer recording, so PC v Mac, flat screen LCD (one or two?)
    I LOVE pro-tools (anything as easy to use and with such editing capabilities?)
    Mixing desk / interface (I like having the sliders) and want to record up to 4 tracks simultaneously, layering to perhaps 10 / 16
    Monitors (‘active’ or not?)
    Desk (could build one)
    Midi controller keyboard (to be used for piano parts, piano sounds, basic organ / electronic keyboard sounds etc, so probably 3 octaves at least)
    Software that will give me great reverbs / delays etc plus something to help me master
    Also – something with electronic drum loops on it to add if the moment suits, more chilled electronica (Talk / Talk, The Blue Nile etc)

    So I guess I am looking for advice on how to split my budget on the above and specific advice on products (old faves and new ones!). This is for a bedroom set up, and I want to be able to produce works of near-commercial quality, all my instruments are great. My initial research has led me to things like the packaged Carillion Ac1 at £799 for the computer, but I am sceptical that this will produce the quality I am after. Thoughts all welcomed, thanks very much!!
  2. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    you love PT
    then you buy what ever PT system that will give the input facilities you need

    then you buy the best microphones and Headphones and cue monitoring (this may include talkback)
    ... to suit the needs of the recordings you want to make

    this may then mean you need some Mic to Line amps ... ( Mic-preamps) to get the sound you want IF the Digidesign hardware is not to your liking

    then use as much money as possible to get a main speaker/monitoring system
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