2408 and a dbx DDP

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Michael Mayer, Mar 5, 2001.

  1. I'm trying to stay all-digital here. So, utilizing the S/PDIF I/O on the DDP and the 2408, how do I route such a thing??
    I'm wanting to use the DDP as a 2-mix compressor.

    any thoughts???

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    In the PCI-324 console, set Bank C to S/PDIF, enable the inputs and set the outputs to "from computer." Select 2408: S/PDIF as your clock source. Set the clock source of your dbx to internal and make sure the sample rates match. Set your mixes output to S/PDIF and create a new stereo track with the S/PDIF input selected as it's source. You should now be able to re-record your mix running out the S/PDIF port, through your dbx, and back in the S/PDIF port to the new stereo track. "Bounce to Disk", of course, will not work with an external real-time loop.
    Another option is to send your mix out analog 1-2, which shows up on the S/PDIF out labeled "DAT" as well. Try this if you have a problem with creating a feedback loop with the other routing.
  3. thanks!!!!
    I actually just figured it out last night, but your post was right on.
    thanks again,


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