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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Lionn, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. Lionn

    Lionn Guest

    Hello everybody,

    My first question, probably many to come, is the following:

    The compagny where I work at the moment, gave me 2500,- to spend on recording equipment. The first months I will use it to record sounds and voices (on location). The recordings are going to be mixed in a studio with ProTools on a PC. After this project I will buy the equipment and use to record bands and write songs. I already have some experience with ProTools but maybe I want to use Logic (never really worked with midi before but you never know what the future brings).
    This are my two lists, I hope somebody takes time to give me advise. Thanx.


    - digi002rack
    - AT 4040 mic
    - 2x SE Electronic se 3 a mic's
    - some extra plugins for PT (suggestions??)
    - good studio monitors for 250,- pp (suggestions??)


    - Logicpro
    - AT 40402
    - 2x SE Electronic se 3 a
    - Motu traveller or RME 800
    - good studio monitors for 250,- pp (suggestions??)
  2. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    I guess you want to do your location recording on a Mac laptop - which you already have?

    What is the purpose of these recordings? What will you be recording? Music? Voice? Meetings? Audio for video for commercials? What.

    Can't even look over your lists until we know what we're doing - though I see only one mic listed, and this would indicate you're going overboard on the rest(Maybe the right mic and maybe not, too?).

    If you are, truly, later going to mix on PT(Cast in stone), then you want PT now, too, ey? No sense learning two systems.

    One thing I can comment on for sure. There are no good "monitors" for 250(I guess you mean $250 per pair - US?), at least not truly good. If this is as far as you can go, I'd suggest a truly good pair of headphones for that price(Or even a bit less), so at least you have something "good" to monitor with on location -- they'd do for other listening until you get some more budget for some speakers, too - and you'll always find uses for them, no matter what speakers you get.

    So far, by your description, a "flash card"-type recorder with an SM57 and a 3 dollar pop filter would do fine and cost you around $800, total, with good phones, a thousand if you have to buy some software - any ol' software would do - for editing/mixing later in a computer(Buy the right recorder and it may come WITH some sort of software that could be just fine.).

    Sounds like you're gonna' have fun, but -- MORE DETAILS!!!

  3. Lionn

    Lionn Guest

    Thanx for responding and sorry for the missing details. I'll try to describe the project as good as I can, hope you'll answer.

    - Yes, I'm going to record on a Mac laptop

    - I don't know the name for it in English, but i'm going to record story's/tales and than I'll add sounds to them. Like forrest sounds, sea, doors, dogs anything. Also music will be added
    This 'story with sounds and music' cd, is for school childeren from 7 to 12. They listen to it and there's also a book with assignments.
    (I hope you understand what I'm trying to say, please ask if I didn't describe it good)

    - There were 3 mic's on my list an AudioTechnica AT 4040 and two overheads from se electronics.

    - The ProTools vs. Logic question is probably very personal.. Hope you can give me some advise though. I affraid that ProTools will limit my creativity. But on the other hand i still have some PT sessions to mix and the final mix/mastering for this project will be done in PT.

    - I ment 500,- per pair for the monitors. Still advise me to wait with them and buy good headphones?

    Thanx allready.

    Later, Lionn

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