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    Jun 14, 2012
    I work for a small government agency and was hoping for some advice...
    We are replacing old 4 track tape players and going digital. In one of our locations we have bi-weekly "town hall" style meetings, where there are a couple of people on a stage and audience asks them questions. I am looking for a "simple as the tape recorder" way to record the meetings in 4 tracks. We have a really good setup for the PA system we're just needing a way to record it. We have the meetings transcribed so separate tracks are a must and the person running the recording equipment doesn't know or want to know how to use something complicated in fact if the software just had a REC PAUSE STOP button that would be great or if there was a record scheduler.

    Money and ease of use are main concerns here.

    In case it helps I have the following available to use if needed
    Workstation computer
    Motu 8pre

    Thank you for any suggestions or advice
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    Sep 26, 2005
    Your FirePod, to me, would be the most logical choice to go, with the workstation computer. Though the Personas software I've actually found confusing. I find Adobe Audition to be quite straightforward and one can create a preset. The preset would contain all of the routing necessary and record ready functions. Then all one needs to do is to utilize the little stop, play, record, fast forward and rewind buttons just like any tape recorder. At the end of the session, the operator would need to save the project and all of the audio tracks to a predetermined disk drive in which to extract it from for transcribing purposes.

    Recording conferences are a pain in the backside
    Mx Remy Ann David

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