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    Given the same cpu, how much difference does the extra cache make real world?
    Also how can AMD cpus have a higher model number and a lower clock speed than a chip with a lower model number?
    i.e 3700+ = 2.2 ghx, and 3400+ = 2.4 ghz?
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    The AMD CPU model number designates what it's performance is equivalant to in an Intel CPU. So an AMD 3700+ performs on par with an Intel 3.7 Ghz. Most of this disparity is due to AMDs HT bus which is nearly 2 1/2 times faster than Intels bus. Since your CPU spends most of it's time in a wait state (waiting for data) the increased speed of the HT bus has a big affect performance.

    In your comparison the 3700 is a socket 939 and the 3400 is a socket 754. The 939 utilizes a 1000 Mhz FSB where the 754 utilizes an 800 Mhz FSB. That's where the disparity lies.

    Cache memory can make a difference to point. 256 KB to 512 KB can make a huge difference 512 KB to 1 MB not so much. Alot depends on what the application is also, DAW, Gaming, word processor. It's pretty much always diminishing returns the higher you go.
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    Also keep in mind that the AMD chips are designed to be overclocked.

    For instance, my 1700+ says it's clock speed is 1.4GHz but it runs best when clocked up to 1.7GHz.

    Like D said, the 3700 will perform best when clocked in Bios at 3.7GHz rather than the advertised spec. of 3.4 (or whatever it is).

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