57 or 57Beta, EQ/Comp levels, patching, power, etc.

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by MigrantRecords, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. Okay, I dunno if this is poor ettiquette, but I have several small questions. Please feel free to reply to or comment on any questions you like.

    1. I have two Shure 57 Betas for live vocals for our band. They sound great on live vocals, and I love 'em. I don't, however, have any regular 57s. I want some for recording purposes. Kurt even suggests having four. So........should I get more 57 Betas or get a whole set of four 57s? Are regular 57s BETTER for recording? eBay has Betas for not much more than 57s right now...is that a step up or a waste of extra dollars? Opinions, please...!!

    2. How important is the issue of rack-mounted power supply? I have a couple of crappy ones...Furman or whatever, but they seem to do the job competently. What are the advantages of going to the Monster Cable power supplies? Is it worth getting high-end power? Any suggestions you have are much appreciated.

    3. Patchbay suggestions...quarter inch plug patches or smaller? Pre-made jobbies or custom ones? Anyone have any good or bad experiences either way?

    4. If I need part of my studio to be portable, how can I best protect my equipment? How do you transport your mic cases? What about your computer? And my outboard gear...I have several good pieces...do I just load them in an SKB and be very careful? Again, any opinions or experiences?

    5. How much do YOU EQ or compress when tracking and overdubbing? Our band is recording at the moment, and we have a few people interested in mixing the project (specifcally the mixers behing The Killers and The New Pornographers, if that makes any difference to your answer). How much should EQ and compression be left up to them in post-production/mixing? Any details you might have are greatly appreciated.

    BONUS QUESTION: 6. Yes, I know there are already Monitor threads, but just out of curiosity, what monitors do you use, how much were they, and are you happy with them?

    Okay, I think I'm out of questions...for now. Again, reply to or comment on whatever interests you. Thanks very much for your time. Take care.

    ---Fred auf der Rockwells
    Migrant Records
  2. jamiey

    jamiey Guest

    1. The beta versions are fine to record with, I often prefer them over the regulars, but they are very similar in sound; it wouldn't hurt to have two of each!

    5. Compression and EQ when going in: this is fine as long as you know the sound is good and is what you are going for. Obivously, it may take longer to set up. It's also good to go on the light side, and then again lightly recomp/EQ during mixing, because in alot of cases you will yeild less artifacting then if you did a whole bunch of comp/EQ at once.

    6. Yamaha msp5, $250 each, I'm happy with them, though I can't do very critical stuff with them as my room acoustics needs improvement.
  3. Thank you, Jamiey. I'll look into the Yamahas.
  4. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2005
    Ditto for me on the 57s...2 each. The Beta is "hotter" in level (duh!).
    1/4" patchbays unless you have a BIG budget and even then...
    Stay away from the really cheap PBs from Behringer, etc. I have several DBX's and a couple of Rean's and they have done fine. How good are you with a soldering iron?
    I tend to use a bit of peak limiting, not so much compression, while tracking, just to keep from hitting "overs" on the recorder. You can't "un-do" compression. Or EQ, for that matter.
    Personally, I think that Monster products are over-priced, over-hyped stuff. For "routine" power filters, I like ETA. They manufacture medical and lighting power supplies, and I feel that their products are better built than the stuff from Furman, etc.
    You should be looking at a good UPS for your computer(s). I like Tripp Lite for that, and they also offer a bunch of power strip products. I am in Florida, the "lightning capitol of the world".Tripp Lite products have saved my live and studio gear soooo many times...
    Monitors...Yorkville YSM-1p's are un-hyped accurate "plug'n'play"
    that have translated pretty well to other systems over the years.
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