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  1. Can anyone give me any tips on getting a more "70's sound" on my home recordings. I'm doing a track for tv that needs to sound like an Abba type recording. I'm using a combination of 70's loops for drums(w/ no reverb), sounds from my Motif synth, and various sampled sounds through my Halion all into my Motu 828/Powerbook. Any eq tips, plug ins to use and/or any other ideas would be much appreciated.

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    Jul 28, 2004
    Tube and tape, my friend!
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    Probably more like transisters, and dolby NR, IMHO. Lots of recordings were done in those days with post-tube consoles with transisterized circutry, and not much of it sounded any good.

    Don't use any reverb, and put a lot of towels on your drumheads.

    Use analog/pre-digital synths, hammonds and leslies. (Think Styx, Yes, ELP and others like Edgar Winter...) Moogs, Arp 2600's, etc.
    Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer EPs routed through MXR Flangers will really take ya back, too.

    Don't use any digital distortion boxes, go for the really crappy Gibson SG- and overdriven transisterized preamps, and try to find a REAL "Fuzztone" stomp box. (Search ebay for MXR & other vintage boxes as well...)

    Don't use anything newer than a Sure SM58, and smoke a lot of reefer.

    Nahhhhhhhh...it's more a state of mind, actually. ;-)
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    Offcourse learning to do a warm mix must be helpfull, but also I think that "magneto" from steinberg does a really good job emulating the sound of tapedistortion.
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    Dont forget the BBE on those guitars.
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    Dave - BBE didn't exist until 1985.
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    In your world perhaps! :lol: (btw...it was a joke)

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