7200 or 10000 rpm for DFD

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by nacron2, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. nacron2

    nacron2 Guest

    Sorry, if it was in the forums - I can¨t find it...
    Is possible to say which type of HDD is technically better for DFD?
    Some people says, that 10k is needless.
  2. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    I asked the Lynx sound card folks and the Wavelab software folks and the Wavelab developer said his 10k drives work well(But, he is the Wavelab developer! HE may need them and if he doesn't, who cares? He can at least afford them.), but the Lynx guy said that unless you "need" them for some reason(Hard to say what? Loads of tracks and tons of plug-ins?), you may see no improvement - though I would think(Me, not the Lynx guy)they "should" be noisier and run hotter??? That said, I wouldn't go back to my 5400 rpm drives from 7200, but I don't know why not, I remember no "wow's" when I upgraded - though those 5400's that still work are really old and dusty now so I don't really want to go back... My next drives, for my meger work will be 7200 rpm SATA's and "small" ones at that(I'd rather 10 80 gig drives than one 800 gigger.)

    ALL THAT said, if budgetarily they're not a problem and if you want them, why not? If money was no object I'd get 'em!(And the "dual processors" to go along!!! And FOUR gigs of RAM!!!!!!) On the other hand if you don't know why you need them you probably don't. Worthless? For many, 2 gigs of RAM and 2 300 gig HD's of any kind are "worthless", but, hey, it's all so cheap today and it probably doesn't hurt...


    I hate to ask, but, what is "DFD"? I can make-up of lots of things with those initials though I guess ...? No. Probably not.
  3. DIGIT

    DIGIT Guest

    >>I hate to ask, but, what is "DFD"?<<

    The question would be: how can you answer a post of which do NOT know what it is about? ;)

    A 7200 drive with an 8mb buffer is fine for DFD. That's what I use and have been using for a long time without any issues, even with large orchestrations and/or number of plugin. My DAW has 4gb of RAM as well.

    Finally, you can use ATA or SATA (or even a mix if you DAW allows) without problems.
  4. nacron2

    nacron2 Guest

    Thanks for both answers but from DIGIT was essential for me :)
  5. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    The smiley faces win, everytime......

    I got the 10k part, and told the guy what I'd heard about it, just not the DFD. TTT, I thought he'd meant some other initials and had made a mistake, which I didn't want to point-out. Is it a mystery? I don't recall seeing "DFD" before. What is it? Is DFD "essential" to the question?


    BTW poster: Speaking of "...essential..."? Digit did not answer your question, at least I tried to. You asked which was superior, not which would "work" - it sounded like you had established that 7200's would "work", all digit did was verify this, so "technically" you know no more than you did before - at least with my answer you have some hope that they "might" be better, though I offered several "experienced reservations", from people who should know the difference, at least on the basic 10k/7.2k question.(It IS your call!). I can get down the road fine in my Ford, but maybe not as fine as if I had a Porsche? So... Which would be "better" - for DFD, of course - 7200 or 10k? Does "more question"(More facts) need to be asked? Can anyone answer?

    I guess to come out on top I'll just have to learn to use the SF's, too...
  6. nacron2

    nacron2 Guest

    Sorry TeddyG, I has appreciated your perfect answer, but reply from Digit was in this case really more important for me. DFD = direct from disc, it is the way how some musical softwares are working with the samples (you don´t need to load complete samples to RAM, but only little parts). And I was interested if HDD 7200rpm is sufficient or 10k is better for it. Maybe my question could be more exact.
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