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Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by spkldbrd, Apr 28, 2002.

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    i've heard the Focusrite Octopre is great...but the Presonus Digimax looks good.

    I really just need the MicPre's....the digital converters are nice...but just an extra....so you descide!

    Focusrite Octopre (can't find a dealer, or price)
    Presonus Digimax $1299.00
    Presonus M80 $1799.00
    ARX 8-Pre $650.00

    I need the balanced I/O and a PAD switch....thats the requirements....i don't think the Focusrite fits....so scratch it...it doesn't have a PAD, and requires that i buy a 25 pin d-sub to xlr or trs snake.....
  2. The pres your looking at are descent but certainly nothing special. For the same cost, you could get a 4 channel Sytek with significantly better pres.
    Your much better off with something like a Mackie board and one or two really nice pres like an Earthworks.
    For example, you could pick-up a 1402VLZpro and a LAB101 for not much more $$$ and you'll have a far more professional set-up.

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