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  1. tuba

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    Hy this is my bugget for equipment=£80000
    and this is for sound pruve and acustic treatment £10000
    i have a very big space so have to make room in the room.
    i wont record more then 2 people in same time.
    squence based with protools pop rap urban
    i have triton extrime already
    want to use rmx drums and lots of live guitar
    my only dream is recording my songs with best quality of sound.
    i dont care market and making money.
    do you think this amount of money will be enough to start my dream studio?.
  2. shezan

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    boi i m not that senior to guide you for the best equipment but believe me u can get a kick kick kick ass equipment in that budget... normally the budget of your accoustics is the budget of most good home studios.... as in my other post Xavior said if you have budget around or above 20K$ go for TDM..but you can get better then that... good luck
  3. o2x

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    Mar 17, 2005
    £80k will get you a lot of good kit. Conversely £80k will get you a second hand Neve/SSL in good nick - that's it!!. It's all about what you need for the Job.

    You say you won't record more than 2 people at once??? How do you know that. In the future you may want to record 20.

    ...it all depends what you dream of.

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