828, anyone heard one yet?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Ang1970, Feb 19, 2001.

  1. Ang1970

    Ang1970 Well-Known Member

    Sep 5, 2000
    Anyone listen to the 828 yet?

    From the website it looks pretty cool. Seems like motu's version of the 001, but they skipped the rectal-cranium insert feature.
  2. Tony C

    Tony C Guest

    From what I know it ain't out yet. However I was just wondering if MOTU was perhaps doing a similar thing as Digi. I guess we all have to figure ways to make more $ even if it means creating a lesser product for a more, shall we say "broad" market. The Digi 001 comes to mind.
    OK, it just might be a good tool, and, it is some new technology that some people have been waiting for. But, how does it stack up to some of MOTU's other stuff?
    BTW it's great to see a DP forum here, I hope it goes really well. I for one have just switched to DP from some other software (I won't say which one cause things get stupid when people go to war on product comparisons) and I've got to say, what I have been hearing for years, about DP software being written to have great audio resolution, IMO, this is MORE than true.....
  3. Tony C

    Tony C Guest

    Opps sorry for the repost!...
  4. chris lannon

    chris lannon Guest

    So far only the beta testers have heard it.
    (Ya can't count NAMM) I'm curios about the quality of the mic pre's since this is new territory for MOTU. I'm not sure but I think the analog I/O sports the same specs as a 1224 (pretty damn good). I think we can expect shipping the 2nd quarter along with dp 3.0. Have you guys seen this over haul?? I've heard it's a ground up rewrite. Dual support and a leg up on others regarding OSx. No price available yet but I expect around $150


  5. Tony C

    Tony C Guest

    DP3 looks like one hell of an upgrade! And all those surround sound features and plugs alone are easily worth the upgrade price, MOTU ROCKS!.... I'm definifely looking forward to it.
  6. alphajerk

    alphajerk Active Member

    Feb 13, 2001
    i worry a little when software is written from the ground up. sometimes the new code doesnt take into consideration of our habitual logic built into generations. ive had it happen to me with other software apps and threw me for loops.

    from what ive seen the new DP3 looks cool and lots of useful features.

    the 828 i could give a rats ass about.
  7. chris lannon

    chris lannon Guest

    Yeah.. I hear ya
    Were going thru this with Mackie and 3.0 right now (not a total rewrite but pretty close) surprisingly there's only a few issues.... PITA for some meaningless for others.
    In MOTU's case i think it was mandatory in order to be ready for OSX and implement user requests. I'm sure they'll be some users "pet features" missing. Hopefully improvements made will make up the differance
    I guess we'll have to grin/worry and bear it

    On an encouaging note.. Motu did respond to 70 something bugs within 2 months after the release of 2.7

    Not Bad
  8. subspace

    subspace Guest

    The 828 will sound like the 2408 MkII, same converters. The mic pres should sound like every other built-in compact console/interface's, eminently bypassable. No insert point kinda makes this mandatory anywho...
  9. subspace

    subspace Guest

    The 828 will sound like the 2408 MkII, same converters. The mic pres should sound like every other built-in compact console/interface's, eminently bypassable. No insert point kinda makes this mandatory anywho...
  10. The 828 looks quite intresting, I will buy one if it works as promised. Seems like the perfect addition to a G4 cube or a G4 powerbook.

    Will I be able to run Peak/Spark/T-Racks on this thing?

  11. alun davies

    alun davies Guest

    I've had one for a couple of weeks. It sounds great. I have a Delta 66 in the G3 and it sounds as good as that. Maybe a little warmer. Build quality is not incredible and the output knob has some nasty digital artifacts when you are turning it from o to about 9 o'clock. Once you set it, it's fine though. No latency only works on a mono or stereo channel. Still, great at the price.
  12. chris lannon

    chris lannon Guest

    Spent the last 2 days messing with one on a iBook. cd came with an old driver (bogus) go to motu to get 828 1.02.

    Pots seem a bit flimsy.
  13. Gord

    Gord Guest

    Havn't heard one myself yet but just read a favourable review in this month's Sound on Sound. Apparently there is a considerable backlog in terms of oreders here in Canada
  14. waitgoiter

    waitgoiter Guest

    First one I got died completely after about a week. The second one seems to be doing ok. It's a nice box for the price, and the only gig in town for a powerbook.
  15. Joseph

    Joseph Active Member

    Oct 4, 2001
    Okay- I am about to take the dive and buy a MOTU 828. I'm using an iMic (heard of this one - check it out www.griffentechnology.com) w/ Pro Tools Free, can NOT deal w/ latency. Very annoying. Actually, haven't really used this rig much. Just hooked it up. Thought I'd give a go before dishing out $700 for the 828.
    So, if anyone out ther reading this is thinking: "Oh my good God in heaven! Someone stop this man from buying such a worthless piece of junk lemon!" please speak up now. The 828 looks good on paper, but it sure is nice to get feedback from actual users.
  16. Joseph

    Joseph Active Member

    Oct 4, 2001
    Joseph- Yeah, I'd say definately get the 828. Pretty damn cool piece of gear there.

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