896HD to Minidisc transfer?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Jerman, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. Jerman

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    Hey, was wondering if there is any way to go from the Optical Out on my 896HD direct to minidisc via the optical output. I have the correct cable plugged into the 896HD to the Minidisc recorder, but cannot seem to get a signal. I am running OSX, and went to Audio Midi setup and used various settings, but it will not work. So, perhaps this just is not possible, but I was under the impression it could work somehow, and also import audio from other optical sources. Is ADAT something completely different even though it is the same cable? Sorry for all the questions, but this is my first DAW and it would sure be nice to be able to do optical transfers. Thanks!
  2. ghellquist

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    May 25, 2004
    have to confess never having done this, but it should work.

    My old MiniDisc player had an optical input, where I connected my CD-player and it worked lovely.

    So I think what you do is set a 44.1kHz sample frequence, 16 bit, SPDIF output on the 896HD and start sending stuff out.

    It might be that the Minidisc does not start recording if it is waiting for some special signal showing "start of tune", but my knowledge here is very patchy.

    Adat is the same idea, but you can send 8 channels on the same line, and the Minidisc probably could not handle this.

    Hope this is helpful

  3. Jerman

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    From what I can gather it is because it is an ADAT signal and it is looking for SPDIF. It's a bummer this port cannot be switched over to do SPDIF. I found I can get an AES/EBU converter which will change the signal over, but that is a hassle and for 180 not exactly worth it in my opinion. (However I am sure it would come in handy at some point. But not yet). Think I may need to drop 80 bucks for one of those USB to SPDIF Optical things.
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    896 to midi disc why like this?

    First NO you can not transsfer Music thru the fiber optic on a 896 its for ADAT light pipe Transsfer......Use a sony tcd 8 or use a Family style home dvd player with the fiber optic that will work for what you want to do.

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