8Dio announces Free Radicals (Crowd Based Sample Project)

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    Oct 6, 2011
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    8Dio has announced Free Radicals, which is described as a brand new library concept - and they invite YOU to be a part of it.
    8DIO has created an unhealthy cluster of cancerous and asylum friendly sounds and we invite YOU to participate in adding to the collection. All we are asking is that YOU create 5 sounds for the collection and you will get the entire library for FREE.
    8DIO will process, edit, program, design and distribute the entire collection. In addition 8DIO will contribute with 50% of the library assets to ensure that the level of sickness is to our highest expectations.The only guideline is: "Wrong is Right". We want you to go bat crazy and make the most psychotic sounds you can possibly muster. Ride that fader real hard, force terrifying nightmares upon your neighbors and just go +20dB on those loudness war snobs. We want you to be free from conventions, free from what that lame music teacher who told you was right or wrong, free from it all. Long live the Asylum!
    Please go to http://8dio.com/?btp_product=free-radicals for more information.
    Free Radicals on SoundCloud

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