$99 pocket PC with W10

Discussion in 'Computing' started by kmetal, May 14, 2016.

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    ive been on an electronics YouTube binge, and this little thing came up for a review. I compared it to its peers, and read a bunch of reviews, and it seems the base $100 is the best bargain. This thing is a full PC !!! Not particularly fast 1.4ghz w four cores, but this is a perfect device to use for downloading updates, and file transfers, Ect Ect. While it's not as much of an issue as it used to be, for $100 this thing is gonna keep my audio PC offline even that much more. It's actually competitively priced with virus scan, and since it came w Windows, you can just get the pocket PC to take the brunt of the viral Internet, and just reinstall Windows here and there. This thing looks great, for basic browsing, and file streaming. I spent about 4 hours researching them and this $99 one is in my newegg cart.... Waiting, just waiting.

    The Lenovo has a propriety MOBO plug for the psu so it's taking some research to decide on the the computers drive configuration Ect. I'm getting ready to take it apart soon. So in the meantime I'm gonna use this micro PC to organize all my clouds into my NAS, and round up as much of my content from the past years as I can from the studio, and friends house.

    This should be a great intermediary between smart device, and full computer. I remember thinking how cool game boy was back when I was a kid, now it's a full fledge hdmi/USB 3.0 PC that plugs into a tv. Lmao. I love it.

    I sound like a late night cable junk isle product shlep, but these little devices are neat. And this thing looks super useful, while being something attainable in a modest amount of time, or even an impulse. When paired w an external USB drive, this thing has a lot of potential as a field recorder, and has a rechargeable, battery.


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