9pin with nuendo


Hey, does anybody use nuendo´s 9pin-Features and can tell me? I´m interested in Video post pro with nuendo and a Sony beta VTR and I would like to know if this Interface does really work.


Here's the story. It works with some machines and some RS-232->RS422 adaptors. The adaptor is a necessary ingredient as you may know. I have been bugging Steinberg about this issue since the software was introduced. I sell Nuendo by the way. I work for a company which builds and outfits broadcast studios for Japanese TV. The good news is that it does appear to be on the priority list at Steinberg. I know this because they have been contacting me and lately have been sending me patches to beta test for them. So far no success, but it is getting better. Oddly enough the first release was better. And it seemed to work best with Tascam DA-98HR for some reason. This was handy since we were installing a system in a studio which was using these machines to do radio spots and they wanted to use Nuendo to edit on. Sony D-2 was no good with either the first or second release. I'm still on this since we have a couple of post studios interested in the software but only when this function is working. I'm hoping it will be real soon, before it sours people on the program as far as Post goes. It's time to have a viable alternative to ProTools.

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