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    I have a friend who is in a college a cappella group who tried to do some recording themselves but they ended up out of tune and out of time. The two biggest no no's in tracking? Anywho I was wondering if there were any tips for getting a good A Cappella sound. Other than make sure they are in tune and in time. Some questions

    Track parts together, say basses, then tenors, then the solo? Or track each singer individually? Panning of the harmonies, center solo, and bass?

    If you track them together I think it would sound more choral, but you would be sacrificing your ability to edit the one bozo who is constantly flat.

    Any thoughts are appreciated

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    Like the proverb says ...

    How do you get to Carnegie Hall

    Practice, Practice, Practice.

    If the group wants to record they need to be really tight with the harmonies and they all need to be of one mind. They also could use a leader who can conduct.

    Never had much success recording a choir singing a capella in another way but all together and all in one room at the same time. If they can't sing together and in tune and in time they are not ready for recording.

    Listen to the King Singers on PBS or CD and you will hear a vocal group that is really together and it doesn't matter if it is in rehearsal room or on stage in front of 2000 people they are always together in pitch and in time.

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    Consider this: Keep practicing as Tom suggests, and record these practices as well.

    As they say: The Tape doesn't lie.

    Use the tape to listen back critically, and make better performances. If you're honest with yourselves, eventually, your performances will improve (thanks to the tutorial nature of the recording). Eventually, it will all come together.

    You've gotta start SOMEWHERE. Good luck!
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    What they said x 10

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