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Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by delcosmos, Jul 8, 2001.

  1. delcosmos

    delcosmos Member

    Apr 26, 2001
    Do you know if the CM-MotorMix Control surface is comptible with Digital Performer 2.72?
    I mean,I saw in some Sweetwater Advertising a bundle that include
    DP3 with a presonus Preamp and the motormix.
    But on CMlab's web page doesnt said anything about Digital Performer,only protools compatibility.
    I've downloaded the manual and it only mention protools.
    Im working on DP and I want one of this.
    Does any of you have this combo?(DP and Motormix)
    Thank you.
    Del Cosmos.
  2. cvriffmaster

    cvriffmaster Guest


    The motor mix is absolutely compatible with DP 2.7. DP can use ANY controller capable of sending MIDI CC data (like JLCooper fader master or a Peavey PC-1600x). I belive the motormix has some PT specific buttons on it that will not work with DP, but the main faders and possibly some buttons will. In the Basics Menu (i think... been a while) there is a feature called "Attach MIDI Controller". When you are in the mixing board view, select this and your cursor will turn into a + sign. Click on the thing you want to controll (fader, pan, etc...) and it will be outlined in green. Move whatever control you want to use on the motormix (fader, button) and it will now control that function. Repeat this process for as many as you like and have controlls for. It's that easy! Note: I do not belive the motorized faders will move with DP like they will with PT (DP is a strictly MIDI interface, PT-TDM uses an ethernet connection on thier other 2 controllers and I imagine on the motormix as well).

    If you are looking for a less expensive alternative (I think the motormix is close to $1000) with more faders, take a look at the peavey PC-1600x. It has 16 buttons AND faders (motormix has 8). It only costs around $325 and from what I understand is pretty reliable. Im am planning on purchasing one myself. Check it out on peavey's website http://www.peavey.com.

    Hope this helps!


    PS-How easy do you find it to edit audio in DP. I am going to purchase either DP or PT and need to decide which is more suited to my taste. I really like the interface in PT, but haven't really used DP for audio. Thanks!
  3. alphajerk

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    Feb 13, 2001
    anyone used the JLCooper MCS-3800+modules with DP??? im looking for how seamless the integration and the stability of that system is. when i looked at the JL piece a couple years back, it wasnt working with DP but now MOTU lists it as a controller for DP and JLCoopers site has a driver for the controller written specifically for DP, although it is in its beta rev for almost a year now.


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