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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by SittinIdol, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. SittinIdol

    SittinIdol Guest

    There's a few things that I'd love to do that I've never seenplug-insfor.

    1. A tape speed-variable type plug in. I want to have a part in a song where it gives the sound of starting off really slow, and speeds up the tape until it hits normal speed. Should sound much like using tape.

    2. A "peak punch" plug-in. I got the idea for this from reading about the Drawmer Powergate. It has an option where you can boost a frequency, but the boost only lasts for 10ms after the opening of the gate. Sounds to me like this would be great for livening up dead sounding toms, without increasing the overall treble. Say a boost at 4,000, the attack would come through really nice but wouldn't sound "papery" on the decay.

    Anybody heard of anything like this?
  2. Hi,

    These are great ideas. I particularly like the second idea, of having a quick boost- also good for background vox or horn shots. I looked around for options on your first idea, but I think the brain drain would be too much. I checked out McDSP, who do tape emulationplug-ins but no dice on the rolling up from zero IPS. They do make good emulationplug-insif that helps.
    The best "plug-in" would be to patch your mix through a reel-to-reel machine and do it old style. I know exactly the sound you are going for- a Studer 800 trying to start a heavy 2 inch reel spinning. Great sound, great idea, don't know of anybody doing it. Doc
  3. fabrice

    fabrice Guest

    for this you might have a look at a VST pluging called TapeStop; see this link
    the download links on this site don't seem to work at the moment; if you're interested, i could send you the zipped file.
  4. I love it when I stand corrected. I can't use this in Pro Tools, but if anybody tries it please let me know how it sounds! Doc
  5. falkon2

    falkon2 Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2003
    What about Cool Edit Pro's time/pitch? There's a preset that emulates tape starting up. Not too sure if this measures up to the real deal.
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