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A.D.A.M. S4A -C (column) Monitors - on trial

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by anonymous, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    http://www.adam-audio.de/e nglish_mac/studio_monitors/s_products.htm#

    The transition

    Tanoy Little red & auratones - early 80's
    NS10's - Mid 80's
    Genelec S30's Late 80's / early 90's
    Genelec 1031A's 90's
    Genelec 1031A's with 1094 freelance 2000
    Genelec 1031A's with 1094 in own small studio The Library 2001
    Genelec S30D (on trial for one week)

    A.D.A.M. S4A -C (columns) On trial right now.

    V F GOOD!
    Hear reverbs v well
    Go really low
    Just what I was looking for on the "lack of piercing mid" front
    Great looking (Darth Vader vibe)
    As I was taking the trial pair out of the box I got this, I wont be needing this packing stuff again feeling!

    Session today (a side project of the Brand New Heavies guitarist - Simon Bartholomew) thought they were awesome..

    Romantic sonic description, the Genelec's up on the stands sounded like they were 'looking for the floor' The ADAMS, sounded like they had "found it".

    As a column they are a GREAT (albeit expensive) swap for mid field speakers on stands, as the GO UP as opposed to OUT. No stands needed as I sit low like a star wars pilot these are at a perfect height.

    They are active BTW...

    I noticed a vocal plosive on well known record.. (All Saints - "Never Ever") it sounded like an EARTHQUAKE! So these really might suit a modest mastering setup - the columns look like they mean business and they have the range..

    Did you know that one of the the two big cones acts as a sort of sub unit and doesn't cover the same frequency's..???

    On the S4A-C it is important that the top cone is 'within view' I am told.. Mine is... just.

    After working all day mixing on them (& additional recording a 3 mic trick kit! ) I noticed that I didn't mind being out of the old (Genelec) sweet spot so much, my engineer was driving the desk, but I didn't feel that producer urge to shunt him away from the middle position as much as usually would.... I wonder why that is???? It certainly made the day easier..him in the middle, doing the on screen tasks, me at the side tweaking outboard gently.. I felt I could make solid tonal judgements quite far away from the sweet spot.

    There is a review of a 'mid field' model - the S3A in this months (March) EQ Magazine. Those seem to be becoming very popular.

    Report ends
  2. Scott Gould

    Scott Gould Active Member

    Oct 22, 2001
    Pt. Charlotte FL
    GRRRR! Still waiting for McCave to get mine and send them on... was supposed to be last week.

    I will not be impatient.
    I will NOT be impatient.
    I WILL NOT be impatient.
    I WILL NOT BE IMP.... uh, 'scuse me...

    Scott :p
  3. Jules,
    Thanks for the info. I've been keeping a close eye on the ADAM's for a while now. I'll be intrested in your thoughts after several tough sessions.
    Keep us up to date!
    Marc McManeus
    SoundPost Productions
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