A/D Converter for MOTU 828mkII?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by jackie_yu, May 9, 2006.

  1. jackie_yu

    jackie_yu Guest

    Hi everyone!!! I'm from Hong Kong and new to be here.

    I have a MOTU 828mkII and want to find an A/D converter to add 8 more analog I/Os for it. For the all these analog I/Os (including the analog I/Os on the 828mkII itself), I will connect them with modules and synth. I have a Digi001 as well for vocal and instrument tracking (guitar, bass...etc).

    I'm looking at the Alesis AI-3 and seem to be a good choice for me. I know there're BETTER option from Apogee, Frontier, RME...etc, however it seem stupid to use a 1XXX-2XXX converter with a 5XX interface. For that amount, I will spend the money (or even more) for a more high-end interface instead...like RME Fireface 800, Apogee Ensemble...etc. So a 3XX (used) AI-3 seem most suitable at this moment.

    I think of buying one more 828mkII too, but...it will need 2XX more when compare with the AI-3. I better save it for a guitar pedal then...and I will not keep using 828mkII as main interface forever...morever I can use the AI-3 with my Digi001 too or use it for headphone submix later if I got upgraded interface. It give me more flexibility.

    The only bad thing for the AI-3 is that its not true 24bits conversion (20bits instead). However, I mainly producing jingles for TV commercial in which the final master will be 48KHz 16bits. It seem no big deal to me...a better mic ore mic pre seem more obvious to make a difference.

    So guys any suggestion??
  2. Kev

    Kev Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2001
    The Ai3 does have its quirks

    the input and output is less than the usual 18 to 21dBu ... around 14 or 15 from memory

    it doesn't have the word clock but does behave itself very wel in slave mode on the lightpipe

    has the usual Alesis hyped sort of sound.

    The B ADA80000 has the BNC word clock is also well behaved and does have the 21/22dBu
    it also has the mic-pre and the almost but not quite Guitar instrument inputs ... great for synths and -10dBu stuff.

    I own and use both units when it suits me.
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