A Few Quick Thoughts on the Digidesign Plug-ins Tour



I was going to write up an exciting review of theplug-instour, but, frankly, while it was informative, I didn't find much to write about. A few pieces of info:
The new Windows XP patch for digi 001 should be out this week. It will have video support (including an easy way to import CD audio into PT), limited Direct Connect support(Sample Cell), and will give Pro Tools PC users the chance to curse darkly at an entirely new Operating System!
Sony Oxford is a big mystery to everyone, including the PT guys, but everyone loves theirplug-ins
The NI B4 Hammond organ simulator sounds damned fine. Hope they give it PC support.
T-Racks EQ got decent reviews.
McDSP gets high grades.
Antares, continuing their string of "modelling" based products, is coming out with a new product called Studio Assistant. Factory presets include Intern, Tea Boy, and Moron Who Asks Stupid Questions. Studio Assistant answers the phone, makes coffee, empties ashtrays, and calls cabs ;)
Honestly, Doc.