A good tip on deciding your software(in this case a DAW)

Discussion in 'Computing' started by SeniorFedup, Sep 26, 2008.

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    Hello all ,
    This is mainly for those in search of new DAW-ware etc. or those who wish to get into computer recording .(n**bs)

    As i looked at the soandsoDAW.net forum site in search of any thing that can improve the DAW l own experience , l noticed quite of an amount of complainers . So l looked into all of them just for extra knowledge of my own software.

    Then l decided to just go along to SoandSoDAWforum.com (a different DAW) just to see how much ranting and complaining they do about the other leading DAW software is doing in regard to the experience.

    And what l noticed was,
    G..... all this DAW users are merely complaing about is they can't find the right color to paint there track or there zooming options are too zoomy

    While the other DAW forum has more severe issues to handle.

    This gave me a raw view of one daw experience can be like and how another daw experience can be by, not by praise, but by issues at hand AND how good customer support service is of that particular daw.They wouldn't have to be constantly submitting the same issues over and over if the service was well handled.

    Most people wont realy discuss the quality of the daw's sounds and plugs etc. That can be asked to those who use that particular software, perhaps on this site or a friend who uses it.
    Let this be a useful tool for those in search of something new.

    Hope this is useful
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