a H910 or H3000 style pitch shifter

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by stevenjohn, Apr 9, 2001.

  1. stevenjohn

    stevenjohn Guest

    All the pitch shifters I have found are formant based designed for a single monophonic sound. Are there any good pitch shifters in VST format that can work just like an Eventide 910 or 949? I'd love to pitch up and down a few cents, and even better I'd love to feedback the effected sound back into the pitch shifter to create that killer 70' effect.

    Any advice?

    steven john
  2. zlatko

    zlatko Guest

    Try with Time Factory !!! ( not VST )

    or Ultra Vox ( VST )


  3. stevenjohn

    stevenjohn Guest

    Ultra Vox.... I'm not familiar with that plug. Who makes it? Time factory would not be the answer to this situation....

    steven john
  4. zlatko

    zlatko Guest

    UltraVox or UltraVoice is from
    Steinberg. You can use very good
    Ultra pitch shifter from Waves-
    GoldBundle 3.0.
    Pitch Shift from Nuendo (offline)
    is very good (MPEX alg. with or without


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