A little bit of help for a 16 year old maybe??

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by kirkendaddydl04, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. Hello,

    I'm Ryan from NC, and I'm 16. Ok, now that that is out of the way. I would like to step a little further into the DAW world. I'm a drummer (whoo hoo) and the whole recording scene really interests me. Right now (no laughing please) I have my set miced with 2 crappy condenser mics submixed on a Behringer MX802A and I have the main out run to a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter, the 1/8th goes in the back of my soundcard, and it eventully gets into Pro Tools Free. As I'm sure most of you already know, that doesnt cut it and I'm screwed when I want to get some other musicians over here to lay down some tracks. I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice. I would ideally like to go with the digi 001 and get some external mic pres so I could mic up my whole set and still have enough input to record my kit and a bass and guitar simultaneously. Here's tyhe drawback...I'm 16....$700 would require me working all summer, which I'm cool with, but I have a '99 Mustang (X-mas present) and will have to work on the insurance with that. On the other side, there is that new Mbox drom Digi. I could run a kick and snare mic on it, use some external pres and run two overheads and hope the toms bleed enough into the overheads to be heard, then I could overdub other parts as needed, and it's a little less hefty on the wallet. Maybe there are other I/O's that are out there that I should look at? I'd like to stick with Pro Tools as the software because I feel moderatly comfortable with it. One last thing, then I'll shut up...I promise. I plaan to run whatever I get on my new PC.

    AMD Athalon 1.4ghz
    512 mb of ram
    30 gig HD

    I don't know if any of you guys have your computers do double duty as far as using it for recording and as a regular computer, (internet, games, apps, etc.) and well, I am constrained to that right now. I could add another 30 gig hd just for audio and set it up as a slave drive, or I can get a hard drive selecter and make one of the drives nothing but windows and pro tools, so thats all I get when I boot up that drive....

    Well, thanks for listin to me you guys-

  2. Ang1970

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    Sep 5, 2000
    Hi Ryan, welcome to RO! :)

    Originally posted by Ryan Kirkendall:
    As I'm sure most of you already know, that doesnt cut it...Doesn't cut what?

    The important thing to do right now is to determine what you want to do with the recording. If you just want to capture the songs for your own reference or as a writing tool, 2 mics in the middle of the room is just fine. If you want to sound reasonably good in order to get gigs but not neccesarily commercial release, you might want to consider simply getting a bigger mixer and a couple more mics. And if you intend to make and sell a cd of your band, there is a long list of options to consider. Get a little more specific about what it is you want to do, and we'll try to help you get there.

  3. Sorry.. I should have cleared that up..

    I am going for decent quality CD recordings, stuff I could use to further promote the band after gigs and that kind of thing.


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    Welcome Ryan!

    Sorry I have been a bit absent as moderator over the past week: my wife gave birth to our first child a week ago yesterday, so it's been a bit hectic :eek:
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    Sep 5, 2000
    Congratulations David! :D
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    ryan - you any relation to the drummer kirkendall in the band leaphole from upstate NY? (can't remember his first name). if so, then tell those guys they should come back to CBGB.....

    anyway, if you already own a couple of mics, then go for the 001. you won't be disappointed. the 001 is something you can grow with. maybe your band can pitch in a little bit for new mics or a mixer.

    one benefit of the 001 is that when you want to get serious about recording, you can go to just about any studio to record your drums and bring the session home to mix and add the other parts on your home system. you're gonna find that this hobby is a money pit anyway, so better start with the basic building blocks. you already have a good computer - the soundcard is the second step. then come mics / mixers / monitors / outboard gear / etc.
  7. Thanks alot for the help you guys!

  8. ednaroma

    ednaroma Guest

    Glad this forum was able to help out Ryan! It's also excellent to see the increased traffic - becoming a real hub of digi 011 info ;)
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