A little help with my amateur recording please!

Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by jordan2410, Aug 19, 2013.

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    Aug 19, 2013
    hello everyone!i am new here,and kind of new in recordings.i have the minimum experience of half a year with DAWs and recording procedure,so i want your help for a demo-like song that me and my band tried to record.

    Some things you should know:
    it's not an official release,so the recording is kind of sloppy,especially the piano and the drums.there are a few rythm mistakes,and that's because the keyboard was loaned to me and taken back before i could finish.also,i do not have monitors and bass(i played the bass with guitar and dropped the sound 12 semitones) and that's why i m asking for your help,until i get a pair of monitors.

    Well the sound is kind of post-punk so i don't want the super clarity,but i want it to sound decent.In my speakers it sounds average,but i notice a difference between speakers,headphones etc.in headphones it's muddy,so if anyone has decent speakers and time,please listen and make your comments.I don't know if it's an EQ problem or recording problem,and i don't know if a proper mastering is what 's missing(It's been mastered briefly with some default settings).I m recording guitar with LINEOUT from my amp,directly to my maudio c400.Whatever sounds wrong to you,feel free to share your thoughts!thanks in advance!


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