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  1. I've been recording using my Presonus FP-10 for a while now and recently I got a Samson S com4 compressor for my live stuff. Tonight I decided I wanted to record some vocals and use the Samson for some soft compression going into my FP-10. When I started hooking everything up I realized the Samson doesn't have Phantom power for my condenser.

    Do I need to use a Preamp with Phantom power before the Compressor, or is there something else I need?

    I've got an Art Pre I could use for that, but I guess I was curious what "should" be done in this situation. Or do I need to go another route all together?
  2. Ok...Sorry for the Lame Post. Next time I will do a little more research before I post a question. A quick search online I found Phantom power supplies.
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    You should connect your mic to the FP10 channel 1 or 2 pre-amps, and then make use of the insert send/return facility for connecting the compressor.

    See this graphic from Presonus.
  4. Thanks Boswell, I appreciate the help. That would be the way I would rather set it up.
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