Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by axel, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. axel

    axel Guest

    hi guys,

    i thought i share this, even if it now after i "discovered" or thought about it, it seems pretty obvious and some of you might use this little "trick" already...

    as most of you know i am a big fan and longtime user of logic.
    i recently used a few times logic express on a friends setup, and i have to say i am really impressed about how much it delievers for so little money comparing to the full version.

    however, it obviously has some drawbacks!!!!!!

    one "big" one is that there is a week shortcut support (for me a very important issue for a quick and intuitive workflow!), one item most of us use very often (or at least me) during a session is the full audio mixer (enviroment)
    and you always have to call him up from the toolbar menue or release it from the dock (if you are "parking" him there) in express.

    so here is what i did... just create a screenset under 8 (it's empty by default) just copy screenset 1 to screenset 8 and add the audio mixer to it!!, lock it!! and your are up and runnig... now you just toggle between screenset 1 (arrange) and screenset 8 (arrange plus audio mixer) that's it!
    super quick :)

    this way you can now "rebuild" any of your most used and in express missing shortcuts with all the avialable free screensets or with overwriting the existing ones you don't need.

    you also can integrate these screenset set-ups in a default song, so you have it straight away handy everytime you start a new project / song...

    happy music making!

    and a merry christmas to all of you!!


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