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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by subtletactics, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. Background:
    I'm new. I don't intend to be a professional studio engineer, nor create a pro studio, but I do want to make a studio good enough to make good music.

    Rap and R&B

    PC- Acid pro 4.0, soundblaster audigy 2 platinum pro
    PreSonus Hp4
    Eurorack MX 602A
    Shure ksm27
    Maudio pro 88 midi controller
    Maudio bx-8s
    Monster cables
    Couple of headphones

    Set up:
    mic->euroack mixer->soundcardhub->PC->soundcardhub->HP4->Headphones and Bx8s

    With vocals, I want to get rid of the natural reverb or noise that bounces off the walls. I'm thinking of sticking my mic in the empty closet, and doing the vocals there. Fairly small closet ( 2ftx11ftx11ft).. has sliding doors. Should I make the closet the booth for recording? If I do it in the closet, I get more noise from the wall, how do I fix this problem? And by fixing it, do I need to get those absorption paddings, and if I do get them, which specific ones should I get?

    What I plan to get next (if you have any suggestions, I'm gladly to take them):

    Cubase SX

    A sound module (my midi controller doesnt have any built in sounds :( )... any suggestions on which one i should get? I'm looking for good piano sounds, and decent kick/ strings to get me started making beats.

    Echo Gina soundcard


    PS: Gladly willing to learn about anything else. More things you tell me, teach me, criticize me on, the better. I'm a newbie at this
  2. heyman

    heyman Guest

    Closet dimensions tell me it is rectangular. Try Vocals in there and if it doesnt seem dry enough, box it in with something as cheap as a Drop Cloth to make it squarer. Or Make a temporary wall. Use your ears -bring your friends over, let them listen to it, then adjust accordingly. Also try Wall foam..

    If you want great vocals, go out and spend money on a nice Mic, Mic preamp and compressor. These are vital.

    Samples- try Gigastudio...
  3. ummm

    "If you want great vocals, go out and spend money on a nice Mic, "

    I like my ksm27, thank you

    "Mic preamp"

    My Behringer Eurorak works good enough I think

    " and compressor. "

    Might look into this, but not right now. Acid has a compressor

    "Also try Wall foam"

    That's what I was asking, which ones do I get.

    And for anyone reading this. I just bought a midi controller, what sound module should I get . I'm looking for good piano sounds, and decent snare/kick/ strings, etc.. under 1k
  4. Ellegaard

    Ellegaard Active Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    Central Copenhagen
    Check out Plugsound's modules. They have a Hiphop-R'n'B module that has some useful drums and R'n'B style samples. Find the demos at http://. Also, Spectrasonics' huge VST modules might be interesting, if you're into that...
  5. J-3

    J-3 Active Member

    Jul 20, 2004
    Hey man, to dry out that closet you can hang moving blankets from a hardware store or moving supply company. OR you can go a little more pro and get Owens Corning Ridged Fiberglass. I belive its model 103. Look up Fiberglass in the phone book. This comes in 2x4 foot rectangles and is easily cut. You'll have to stick it on the wall and put some kind of "breateable" fabric on top. Fiberglass isn't fun to rub up on between takes. Plaster that stuff all around the vox booth and she'll be dead as can be. Make a BIG difference, way nicer sounding than doing vox in a untamed room. Check my website and you'll see this stuff in action in the vox booth covered by black "weed barrier" cloth. Works great.
  6. Awesome thanks


    But hey, I was looking at the pictures in your site. The picture with the mic, vocal area, where did you get that wall? Cause I think I minimized the sound in my room well enough, just the reverb from the walls are bugging me, so I think that wall thing is what I need.
  7. J-3

    J-3 Active Member

    Jul 20, 2004
    That "wall thing" is the Owens Corning fiberglass in 2"x2" wooden frames with "breatheable" fabric over them. The frames help to attach the fiberglass to the wall and makes it easier to wrap the material around. Try some heavy packing blankets first.
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