A Plea for Inner CIty Kids!!!

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Opus2000, Sep 6, 2001.

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    Apr 7, 2001
    Hey all...I want to throw this out in the open here and let you all know what I am doing these days..
    I work in a community center downtown in South Central Los Angeles as the Engineer/Technician. We teach kids from the ages of 9 and up the art of recording, making beats, instrument lessons and the audio business. As a non profit orginization we have donors and grants from many major orginizations and schools...we recieve donations of gear from respected people and private businesses.
    We take kids off of the street and give them an oppurtunity to go somewhere in life with a true direction. What I am asking here is if "anyone" has any gear/microphones/mic stands..etc etc they dont use and would like to donate to the community center it would be greatly appreciated! I'm reaching out to see what we can do for these kids. Currently we run a G4 450 with a MOTU 2408, MPC 3000,3 ADAT machines, 32 channel 8 bus board and a smattering of outboard gear. So empty out those closets of mics not being used, stands that clutter your space, outboard gear that collects dust..etc etc
    Please contact me at Opusdaw2k@hotmail.com for more information and possible donations. Remember...you get to write the gear off as a tax write off for the full amount of the product donated!!! Cant beat that...Peace and rock on all!!
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