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    If I wanted to use the Optical ADAT I/O on my audio interface for 8 extra channels of audio I/O, would I have to use a separate clock source (i.e. word clock) or will it sync on it's own. For example, if I used the Behringer Ultra gain 8-channel AD/DA would I it need to be synced with the master clock in my audio interface.

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    Yes, you would need to sync it in one direction or the other. You could use the ADA8000 as the master clock and tell the audio interface to take its clock from the ADAT input, or you could continue to use the audio interface as clock master and take either a BNC wordclock cable from the interface to the ADA8000 (set to "WC in") or an ADAT lightpipe from the interface ADAT out to the ADA8000 ADAT in (sync set to "ADAT in"). You don't need to be outputting any audio from the interface for this nevertheless to work as an input clock.
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