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    The person I hired to build my DAW put my C: drive on disk 2 instead of disk 0. Any problems? Wndows XP SP2, All Intel MOBO, 1 gig of memory all drives ATA 100 or better Pentioum 4 3.0 Gig processor speed.

    The one problem I am running into is that I cannot render to one of my drives. I can format it, I can write to it, I can read from it but if I try and render to it (vegas or wavelab) I get the following. "Cannot write to this drive you may lack permission or there may not be enough space available" The drive is empty so the second part is not correct and I am logged on as administrator. The disk in question occupies disk 0 space on the disk hirarchy.

    Thanks in advance


    I redid the drive order in the computer so they were in the correct order and found a cable that was not pushed in all the way on one of the IDE connectors. It fixed the problem.


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