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A quick question...

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by nebUlous, Apr 30, 2003.

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  1. nebUlous

    nebUlous Guest

    Hello everybody,
    My first post here, and I'm probably asking a question that has been asked millions of times, so sorry in advance. If somebody can suggest a good reference, just point me in the right direction and you can save yourself some typing...

    A brief presentation of myself: a professional classical musician, 24 years of age, still paying off university (which means I'm broke). Also a d'n'b musician. Anyway, you can probably tell where this is going...

    I'm looking to get myself some gear to get started, with an eventual dream of having my own huge commercial studio with an SSL and Radar, Avalons, C12's, etc...

    So. Budget, budget, budget. I stress that I am looking for gear to break the ice with. I have quickly found a strong anti-Behringer sentiment here (surprise surprise!), but would like your knowledgable opinions all the same, given my circumstances.

    Mixer: I've narrowed my choice to two (but am open to others): Mackie 1602 and Behringer UB2442FXPRO. First of all, on-board effects are of absolutely no need to me whatsoever. Now you know my price range. I have heard a lot of good comments about both. My current thought is that I should try and get something relatively decent, and as many channels as possible. For the same money as the 1602, I can get a 24 channel Behringer, which many people have preferred, those that I've spoken with at least. Your thoughts?

    Mics: No, I can't afford a pair of C12's, nor NT2's. I would be looking to spend about 400 USD each, hoping to get two mics. C451? 414's?Behringer (again) B1, B2? Oktava's? BLUE? These would be mics that would be recording mainly classical. Quartets, recitals, no orchestras, etc...

    Preamps: There's a million out there...again, around 400...

    For live recording: I will record to HD on my laptop using an interface (MOTU or something), but would also like one or two external backups. DA88? Black ADAT? Fostex HD recorders?

    And please, don't tell me to go digital and save to buy a DAW...I do enough computer-based recording and programming...And anyway, I'll be recording live multi-track into my laptop when I need to, which allows me to circumvent the need to go DAW...

    Anyway, I have found a great resource here, and I appreciate any suggestions
    ecommendations any of you may have.
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