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    Hey everyone...first ofall sorry about the bad english
    im from israel...
    anyway, I use pro-tools le 6.9 in my studio.
    I usaly record on a sample rate of 88/24 bit and having realy
    big usb power problems (on projects with more then 16/17 channels and plugins ect...)...do you guys think that its ok to record normaly on a sample rate of less then 88??is 44.1 a reasonamble rate for serrios drum/other instroments recordings??...
    thanks a lot
    and gr8 board by the way!
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    There is nothing wrong with 24/44.1 unless you can hear a significant difference between 88.2 and 44.1. 44.1 also puts less pressure on your CPU and takes up less HD space.
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    You can do just fine at 24/44 for most projects. As long as you stay at that resolution for DSP, EQ, editing, etc. until the final CD, things should be OK for you.

    Mix to 24/44 as well, keeping your final mix at that resolution. Save that separately; you may want it for something else someday, or you may need to do an edit on the stereo version of your work. It's always good to have it at this stage, regardless.

    When it's time to burn a CD, you'll of course have to reduce the bit depth from 24 to 16. You may be able to do this on the fly (Depending on your processing power and software), or you may have to do another bounce. Use the best dithering algorithm you can find, regardless. (My preference is POwr-3, but there are lots of others.)
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    Thank u guys so much for the quick and good answers...

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