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    What exactly is an A&R rep? How does one get into this field? Is it better to have some sort of degree to get into this or is it just a kind of on the fly, learn as you go kind of thing?
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    A&R is an acronym for "artists and repertoire" ... in the past, when the record companies had more control over the whole creative process, an A&R person chose the songs and which artists would get which songs ... or they mighht be assigned the task of finding songs for a particular artist ...
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    I knew what the acronym was but thanks anyway, and thanks for the response it does explain it a little, but is that what they do now days, or is it something different? I only ask because you said "in the past." Is there any special training that A&R reps have that regular Joe Schmoe's don't, by that I mean, what makes this any different then a regular entry level position?
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    Nowadays the A&R rep is a youthful person that the bands feel they can trust......usually because this person doesnt look at all like the grease ball, talk-out-the-side-of-his-mouth, scum bag image that A&R reps have gained in the past. This person looks like "one of them". These people are generally former college radio DJs, and other former low end employees in the music business. Though alot of labels are starting to do away with the A&R reps gradually, so if you want to get in, its going to be a tough gig.

    Im not sure exactly how one would go about getting this job, but i would assume a good way would be to form some good contacts with some smaller labels, and let them know when you find that next amazing band. Eventually people will come to rely on you and your ear if its a good ear for music you indeed have!

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