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    I just have a quick question about A&R reps. I know what an A&R rep is (mostly...I think), but I want to know how one becomes an A&R rep. What kind of schooling do these people have? Is it just a business degree, a music business degree, something else entirely? I want to get into this side of the business, and I want to know what exactly I would need to study, or what most A&R reps study (other then how to be a total douchebag *cough Fred Durst cough*). Any help would be appreciated.

    Also, just as a followup kind of question, is a music business degree a good thing to get if you want to work at, say, a record label? Not in A&R perse, but just getting a job at a label.
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    well many never go to school but rather have a "big break" by putting together a group that does great things on the charts. simon cowell talks alot about what they do since he is one. read his book.....it is kinda funny and an easy read. there are other books i can recommmend too about the music industry....drop me an IM sometime...

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