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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by gilligan204, Apr 11, 2006.

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    Okay , I have one of those new beringer DI and I LOVE the sound , esspecially on bass, it is active, Now I also have a few yorkville DI;s that arent bad and are very clean sounding , In the past I have heard the Avalon DI that my buddy had I liked the sound and not that I put it to a test against a shitty one but, really ? do you guys think DIs make that big of a difference, I understand the whole mic preamp thing, and I guess its similar. I suppose i anwsered my own question hear. further to this though, I did buy a 8 chn behgrinner pre and thought it was absolutly gawd awful.

    what are your favorite DI's of choice. ?

    I have heard the Country man ones are really nice, and of course the sansamp ones,(which is more specific tone shapping thing) but how about the favorite Clean DI , that you can abuse the sound afterward, my guess avalon , or forcusrite ? (also I am talking about ones that you can put on the studo floor)

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    I love Radial DI specialy JDI and JDV series. They use Jensen transformer in their passive box!! Sound great!!

    Look at Link removed for more info
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    I have heard about those, I will give one a whirl thanks

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