A S/PDIF Coaxial to Optical Converter

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by mathcounts, Mar 21, 2005.

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    Well, this is my first post on this forum, and it's about converting a coaxial s/pdif signal to an optical signal. I am getting a PowerMac G5 (which has an s/pdif optical in) and i have an Apogee Mini-me (which has coaxial s/pdif, xlr AES/EBU, and usb outputs). I do not want to be limited to 24-bit 48khz from the Mini-me's usb output. I'm also wondering if, in general, there are benefits to s/pdif and AES/EBU over usb?

    In regards to the s/pdif conversion, I have just looked on google and found M Audio has a product called a CO2, which does precisely want I want. Does anyone have experience with this product or something similar? Is there a possibility of degrading the signal in any way from converting coaxial to optical?

    Thanks for your time, and I appreciate any responses.
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