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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Hopeless_opus, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am considering upgrading my preamp situation in the near future. I currently have an Mbox and I am now realizing the limitations of the onboard focurite pres. I have done a lot of reading here and plan on buying one of the several recomended choices btween $700-1000 (speck, great river, hamptone etc...)

    My question isn't which one as I've read lots of opinions on that.(though I may ask for more application specific opinions soon)

    I want to know whether running a new higher end pre through the line inputs on the Mbox is going to be a liability. The Mbox has the XLR/1/4" combo inputs, and the line inputs are attenuated. I am guessing they run through at least part of the pre circut, but I don't know. Is this going to compromise the sonic improvement the new pre will give me?

    The Mbox does have spdif inputs, but there isn't much in my price range with built in converters other than the Focusrite Platinum stuff I am trying to get beyond. ISA 220 is an option but I don't know if I can afford it, the TLA 5051 is another possibilty. I can't afford a new pre and a decent converter.

    Does anyone know if running through the Insert returns on the Mbox would work?

  2. Well,

    I think I was able to answer my own question.

    I got home and plugged my Pod's line level output into the return insert on the Mbox and there it was as cold and sterile as ever. I have to actually give the focusrite pres some credit for warming the pod up quite a bit, without them "direct" it sounds absolutely horrid.

    If anyone knows of any reason that running into the inserts is a bad idea please inform me.

    I hope this will help anyone else who has a similar question.

    I'll post soon for those preamp opinions :wink:


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