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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by knightfly, Jan 20, 2002.

  1. knightfly

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    Jan 18, 2002
    This is a subject I have yet to see nailed down on this site - Various OS's from Micro-Slop and the maximum # of devices (in or out) they can support. This refers to Midi in or out, audio (wav) in or out, mixers (internal), etc.
    When I saw a post recommending a MOTU 1224 and Win2k in the same breath, I thought I should brihg this up. In a nutshell, Win2k and Win 95 both limit you to ten devices of each kind (see above description) Win95 would LIST all, but only let you use the first 10 on the list (device manager) Win2k will only let you install 10, so the MOTU 1224 or 24i will only be able to use the first 10 in's or outs. Even MOTU either doesn't know this or doesn't want YOU to know, there's no mention of which version of Windows you need to run on their website (if there is, it's new in the last week)
    The (sorta) good news - WinXP (both versions) allow up to 32 of each type device - the bad news - we all know about drivers, Volkswagen ain't the only ones lookin' fer em....
    Win 98/SE/ME all allow as many devices as the SW programmer decides he/she needs - 'Course, if the machine won't stay running without locking up, who cares? (In all fairness, I have been running one of my DAW's on 98 first edition for almost 2 years, running Samplitude/Cake9/C-Console in tandem, with maybe 4 lock-ups in that time, of course NOT counting experiments !!!
    So, if you're greedy for inputs or outputs or have a LOT of midi devices, you may want to either try XP now, wait for drivers, or build a dual-boot machine.
    Here's the Micro-Slop link for the above info - Happy device-counting.... Steve

    web page
  2. knightfly

    knightfly Active Member

    Jan 18, 2002
    I don't see an "EggOnYerFace" icon, so here goes - Everybody who hasn't already, IGNORE THE ABOVE POST, and "no more drinks for the dwarf..." After having it politely pointed out to me that several people were "doing the impossible", I re-read the info at Micro-Slop - The limitation in Win2k is really on the number of "drivers" (sort of) and not individual ports. Totally different than Win95, and few (if any) of us should ever run into the limit. Sorry for any problems my mis-interpretation may have caused. Steve
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    Quite all right. I really liked the Volkswagon line.
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    Jan 18, 2002
    Farken-Gruven, Lensherman - Recent update for anyone who cares (me, mainly) The new plan for yers purportedly (me again) is a triple-boot system - Win98SE (I know my stuff works with it) Win2k (I think my stuff will work with it, probably even better) and WinXP (I HOPE my stuff will eventually work with it, plus I'm drooling over those extra 8 IRQ's (see RME's website, drill down to tech notes/reference PC's, disregard their slightly out-of-date comments on MoBo availability and note the comments about WinXP's addition of 8 more IRQ's. ) Now, if I could just find a MoBo that knew what the hell they're talking about...So, even if I continue looking for "farking-gruven drivers" for the next year, (can you say Win2k?) I am content in the knowledge that, for now, I should be able to make noise repeatedly without change (sounds like Disco, doesn't it?) BTW,I used to work in your area, if Vidicopy is still there, say hi to them for me. (or not) Anyway, thanks for the plug - most of us smart-asses' families refuse to laugh anymore, something about "not encouraging him"... Can't understand that, I enjoy myself immensely - guess it's just their bad taste (hehe) Later... Steve
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