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    i have recorded an album at home using the digi001 on a PC - i want to do some simple lo-budget mastering at home using samplitude - and outboard gear (rnc 1773 compressor and BBE sonic maximizer) - what role does a/d, d/a conversion have to do with this (my knowledge is somewhat scarce about this)

    will i need to buy a decent a/d d/a converter? or by running out/in of my 001 box will it be okay for the level im doing things.

    thanks in advance for any help - and happy new year to all.

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    For what I'd imagine you're trying to accomplish, the converters in the Digi will probably do fine.

    The BBE on the other hand... :-?
  3. Michael Fossenkemper

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    I'd give the 01 converters a try and if your happy, then no need to buy. I agree with John on the BBE.

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