A Way to compensate for speakers in the corners? Bad bass responce while sitting!

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by pest1320, Jul 14, 2010.

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    Jan 14, 2008
    Room Specs.(Whole Room) Like a square with a smaller square cut out of the top right.
    Front -Back is 10' 1"
    Left to right is 11.5'
    so heres the prob,I extended my closet towards the front of the room 2' So where the speakers are sitting on my desk that area measured across is only 8' 2" and thats where the mic booth starts and goes towards the right,and goes towards the back of the room 5" so that is my general area of working 8'.2" by 5" after the 5' it turns into the 11.5' left to right.
    Wow maybe i should learn how to insert photos!
    So in this area i have a set of jbl lsr4328's (they are directly in the L-R Corners of 8'.2" next to the wall about 7" from middle of speaker to corner of wall) I know its the wprst place but there is nowhere else to put the so i have to compensate.
    I do have some sound foam 2X4' 2"thick wedges on mounted on the rear middle of the wall mounted (Horizontal),the other 2 i have mounted in the front corners right above the jbl's (Vertical), and a couple on the ceiling.I know these have nothing to do with the low frequencies but now the low end has been buggin me.
    When im listening to a beat with nice lows sounds crappy when in the equilateral triangle position,tweeters are ear level,but when i stand they sound nice and not crunchy?
    i wondering the best way to tackle this problem.
    Get smaller speakers,try some corner bass traps (dont think they'd fit behind the jbl's but definitely in the rear of the room they would).
    I did run the room correction software also still same thing.

    Sorry for the long complicated (hopefully not) Problem!-Joey

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