Aardvark - Out of Business?

Discussion in 'Music Business' started by Cucco, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. Cucco

    Cucco Well-Known Member

    Mar 8, 2004
    Tacoma, WA
    I've heard rumor from some very knowledgeable people that Aardvark is/has gone out of business! Has anybody else heard this? They are apparently not returning their calls/e-mails and you can't get through to them.

    I wonder if that means I'll be able to pick up Aardsyncs for dirt cheap?

  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    That would be tragic ... I think they make some of the best "affordable" interfaces on the market. Another victim of "The Beast"? (DD/PT)
  3. Duardo

    Duardo Guest

    Or maybe more a victim of Apogee...they've been doing their clocks and synchronizers for a long time and built their reputation on them, but since the Big Ben came out I'm sure that sales of the AardSync dropped off dramatically...

    I think they had more direct competition from M-Audio, MOTU, EgoSys, and companies like that as far as their interfaces are concerned. It would be too bad if they were gone, though, because their interfaces had some pretty unique features...

  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    I was thinking more in terms of the 001 and 002 systems, not the PT HD systems ...

    I am the first to admit my scope is limited to what is going on here at RO but the poll I posted suggests that the PT 001/ 002 systems comprise a large share of the useres here, only surpased by Nuendo/Cubase users, who are the same market segment that Aardvarks Q10 and other products were aimed at.

    Digis industry compatibility ("pig in a poke" IMO) approach, seems to be working for them. I fear the day we will not have any choice, where Digi could be one of a handful of manufacturers of this type of equipment.

    This happened in the past in the recording business ... By the end of the cycle, you could count the number of makers of large format tape machines on one hand .. OTARI, STUDER, MCI (bought out by Sony), 3M, AMPEX .... honorable mentions Scully (went out of business),and Stephens (boutique mfr.) ... there has to be others but I can't think of any.
  5. yodermr1

    yodermr1 Guest

    I have also tried contacting them. Gave up as no calls get through and all email is returned. Called a sales rep and he confirmed. They havn't announced it yet but it seems to be a done deal. No scoop on why there gong out of business but they have officially shut down, no products, no support.

    Just hope someone picks them up to at least continue to develop drivers. From my last contact with them, they were devloping hyperthreading support for there drivers. Due out 4Q04.

    A real shame, from my experience I'd would have stuck with them.

  6. Barkingdogstudios

    Barkingdogstudios Active Member

    Oct 29, 2003
    I've been trying to contact them for a couple of months now. That would explain the full phone mail boxes on the support line, the returned emails, the lack of anyone answering the phone.

    Really too bad because they have what I think is an excellent product. Plus I just bought a second one about three months ago.
    There goes about $1400 down the drain.
  7. radioliver

    radioliver Guest

    No more support or new drivers???!!!! This sucks...one more reason to hate protools. They probably caused this.
  8. Vince Jaeger

    Vince Jaeger Guest

    This is horrible news.
    I knew something was up after no one replied to my many emails.

    I use an lx6 pro 24/96 at the moment and its super clean.
    The no 22,050kHz support really ticked me off but it works well for what I use it for...

    I was hoping for some future linux support, and I doubt any 3rd parties or individuals would write the drivers.

    Oh well.
  9. Duardo

    Duardo Guest

    Yeah, that's a good reason...hate one company because they "probably" caused another company to go out of business.

    I know...I was thinking more about their Word Clock generator and distribution amps than I was their audio interfaces. But when it came to their audio interfaces, I think they probably faced more direct competition from companies like MOTU, M-Audi, EgoSys and probably RME than they did from Digidesign...especially when it comes to interfaces to use with Nuendo and Cubase like most of this forum's membership.

  10. yanni

    yanni Guest

    Aardvark, why have you foresaken us?


    I'm new to this forum and only because I was looking to upgrade the driver on my Q10 did I stumble across this terrible news that Aardvark may have gone out of business -

    My band 'The Swifts' just released our first CD "Quiet Little Mouse" which is in the shops here in Australia - and the whole thing was recorded using the Aardvark Q10 and Sonar XL.

    The CD sounds fantastic technically - whether or not you like the music that's a different question but I dare anyone to compare it with anything recorded with the bigger end of town type equipment.

    Anyway I'm in mourning now so I'll go off and put on something black.....
  11. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Yeah... Aardvark is out of business and Lynx is growing like a weed...

    From what I have heard through the rumor mill Aardvark's demise was casued by a problem between partners, not by the 'evil empire' [the Shiti-Design evil empire, not the NY Yankees].
  12. Barkingdogstudios

    Barkingdogstudios Active Member

    Oct 29, 2003

    What version of the drivers do you have? I believe I have the "latest" ones that were available at the time of Aardvark's demise.

    I've got two of their Q10's. Good units, maybe not pro but certainly do the job. If they had put ADAT I/Os on it, I'd still be using them.

    Who knows? Maybe they'll come back.

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