Aardvark Q10 and CPU Hyperthreading

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by yodermr, Oct 3, 2003.

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    Heads up fellow Q10 users. I'm in the process of fine tuning a new daw with a Hyperthreading CPU and an Aardvark Q10.


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    Subject: Q10 buggy software

    Just installed my Q10 in a new computer. The mixer software is very buggy. Crashes consistently after its open for a short time. It worked just fine in my last box.

    The old one was Win 2000, the new one is XP. I will send along the bug report this weekend but looking at your web site I found this...

    "Please note: We do not officially support Dual Processor machines at this time. Full support is in the works, and will be availalbe in a future driver update. "

    SO the quick question is; Does this limitation apply to hyper threading CPUs?

    My new CPU has that enabled.

    Response from Aardvark...
    We’ve found similar issues with hyperthreading. If you disable it in the BIOS, your problem will likely go away.

    Ben M

    Aardvark Tech Support
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    Hyperthreading is shipped disabled by default. There is probably a good reason for it, as it certainly is not mainstream yet.
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    Oh well, another day. I disabled the hyperthreading and the Q10 is rock solid once again. The new box screams as expected. Now its time to record and enjoy the fruits.

    Thanks again

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